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Nile boat sinks in front of Maspero

A Nile boat carrying 25 passengers sank on Saturday morning in front of the Maspero building. The boat– named Al-Me’allem – was on a short Nile cruise from Kasr Al-Nil Bridge to October 6 Bridge, when it crashed into a concrete pillar of a bridge near Maspero. According to state-run gazette Al-Ahram, eyewitnesses reported that nearby …

Daily News Egypt

Revolutionary youth coalition disbands

In the wake of President Mohamed Morsy’s official inauguration, The Coalition of the Youth of the Revolution on Saturday announced its dissolution, citing the president’s election as a turning point in the country’s history. Ziad El-Elaimy, a member of the executive office of the coalition, and a former member of parliament, said the organization had …

Rana Muhammad Taha

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie looks on under the group's logo during his first press conference in Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Jan. 16, 2010 (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

The unseen hand

He is described as the unseen hand of an incredibly hierarchal and rigid organization. The Muslim Brotherhood’s General Masul, the General Guide, Mohamed Badie is a man in the shadows, who some believe will have the last word.

Maryam Ishani

Egypt Briefs

– Workers in the Egyptian railroad are expected to get their delayed bonuses today instead of on 10 July. The decision was made after the Chairman of the Railway Board Hani Hegab met with the workers who had been rallying in front of his office. The workers had been protesting due to the delay of …

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Recorded events signal a rise in protests

The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social rights reported protest movements rose dramatically during the second half of June. A contentious presidential election seemed to account for the rise. The Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights recorded only 38 protests during the first half of the month, but 119 protests ended the month. Reasons …

Ahmed Aboulenein