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Coterique launches Christmas pop-up shop in Gouna

With the year nearing its end, relentless plans away from the capital start to take shape and form. While few might head to the desert for an offline spiritual retreat, others would take the opposite direction with an urban vacation at none other than Gouna. Abu Tig Marina has already started celebrating by harbouring a …

Daily News Egypt

Capital Brunch III gathers Egypt’s top designers for a cause

While the sun rays tangoed with the clear tides of the Nile, the ‘crachindo’ of high heels ascended on the way to the sky-roof venue. Cairo’s top fashion experts and loyal supporters of home-grown brands were set to meet the country’s top fashion designers for a day of glam and charity at Capital Brunch. Socialite …

Nayera Yasser

Kojak brings his enraged angels home

“This collection aims to address genocide as an idea in general. For me, this can expand to include any form of discrimination as well as not accepting others due to their personal beliefs,” says designer

Nayera Yasser

Morocco’s food heritage saved and served at Marocain Moments

In the heart of one of Cairo’s most crowded areas, Mohandessin, a spot of peace, bright colours exists. With the scent of the city of Chefchaouen taking over Cairo’s overcrowded streets and unbearable car horns, in a narrow, dim, crowded street, lies Marocain Moments, a restaurant serving Moroccon cuisine. Bright colours are the main theme …

Nada Deyaa’

‘Wa Hekaya’ makes crowns an everyday choice

Tales are often told by women; mothers that aim to teach their kids a little wisdom for the life that awaits them or friends that need the companionship secured by shared experiences. Stories are said to be unfolded by the winners; however, those shared during weakness or without an apparent cause are the ones that …

Nayera Yasser

“CottonBall”, a fashion ambassador of local cotton

Every morning, under the blazing sun, hundreds of workers set off to walk through their daily paths among the greenery. From afar, they spot the whiteness as it grows and takes centre stage. Their days are spent from dusk till dawn among the soft clouds of cotton and the sting of their thorns. Generation after …

Nayera Yasser

Picturesque bow ties embrace butterfly wings

On the walls of natural museums, hundreds of colourful butterflies stand still as kids and grown-ups, equally, marvel at their rainbow of colours and hallow of glory. With unique paintings taking centre stage on the relatively-small wings of butterflies as well as the petals of wild flowers, human-made patterns often fail to compete. Egyptian jewellery …

Nayera Yasser

Christine Massarany addresses women with busy schedules 

With the sounds of a game unfolding in the next room and the humming noise of a television left hanging between one cartoon series and another, she cradles a new sketch while her ideas begin to translate on paper. As the waist shoots higher and the tail waltz towards the opposite direction, her pencil moves …

Nayera Yasser

Ammanii brings cross-cultural jewellery to Cairo

In the mist of digital evolution and social media apps taking over the daily lives of millions around the globe, stories are told and shared in methods that were completely foreign a decade or two before. While reading a story is a common act that the majority go through without much thought, the decision to …

Daily News Egypt

Colours of Joy: a rainbow of local eyewear for every woman

Under the beaming sun that seizes to take it any easier all year long, she juggles a hectic agenda and the roles of few different individuals. To her, fashion is not only a way to express her thoughts, it is also a daily companion that helps her get through her growing to-do lists. Despite her …

Nayera Yasser

Beyonce joins Okhtein’s army of customers 

In the heart of Cairo, at the end of a long alley paved with cobblestones, two young women arch their backs over an orange belt bag centred on the table. They exchange thoughts and contemplate the bag from all angles. After a look of mutual agreement and a subtle exchange of nods, they announce the …

Nayera Yasser

Kojak brings his angels to FFWD10

With exaggerated sleeves that mimic the wings of fallen angels and moves with the wind like an extended sail, the designer’s interpretation of raged angels starts to manifest in the heart of his retro inspired atelier. As the floral wallpaper covers the surrounding walls, the mannequins baring the previous collection stand still to watch the …

Nayera Yasser

Coterique to pop-up at the garden

Fashion is a global language that has recently been mastered by younger generations. While high-end tycoons currently tailor their strategies to flirt with millennials’ needs and preferences, many young talents are utilizing their fresh take on design and their natural digital knowledge to launch early careers. Egypt’s platform for emerging talents, Coterique, is set to …

Nayera Yasser

Huwa taking the region by “Sandstorm”

His lapel pin is a testimony to his childhood in the region and his authentic take on modern fashion.  Silver calligraphy captures the eyes of those walking by. The classic piece of accessory pays a subtle tribute to this decade’s digital slang yet remains faithful to the beautiful cursives of Arabic letters. “LOL” it says …

Nayera Yasser

Hayden & Co: Accessible Jewellery for big nights

Diamonds are often said to be a girl’s best friend; however, aside from the silver screen not many girls can aspire to have such rare companions. Shaddy Elian is a fashion entrepreneur that aims to shower the country with blinding jewellery without draining any wallets. Hayden & Co is Elian’s smart way to substitute diamonds …

Daily News Egypt

Kurtis Paul hand-held accessories for modern gentlemen

For years and years, men have contemplated the components of a woman’s bag. One glossy publication after the other, asked the same question; what is often found in a woman’s closest companion and why would one person need so many options of the same accessory? With fashion changing and evolving, handbags have crossed gender boarders …

Nayera Yasser

Dima Jewellery celebrates summer with Sea of Jewels 

After stepping into the cosy villa, the eye starts to absorb the details planted at each corner. While a lady sits still in a chair to get her face painted with glitter and synthetic jewels another chats with the event’s designated DJ; trying to settle on the season’s top hit. It is not long before …

Nayera Yasser