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An inconvenient war

By Ahmed El-Ashram I look around and I see an unprecedented level of despair in the eyes of many friends; an overt level of frustration of how their lives have unluckily coincided with the mishappenings of recent years. Many wish they were not there to witness the toxic politics, the economic misfortune and the precarious …

Daily News Egypt

Raping the Nile

By Ahmed M. El Ashram and Amgad Hegazy   As the events in Egypt continue to weigh upon us, we are confronted by an increasingly disturbing impasse that has serious implications possibly beyond Egypt and its troubling fate.  It may be true that the democratic experiment in Egypt has been prematurely aborted. But whether the …

Daily News Egypt

A petition to international media

By Ahmed El-Ashram I and millions of Egyptian people are following the international media coverage of recent developments in Egypt with profound disappointment. Unlike the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak from power, this one is met with abundant discontent and antipathy. Arguably, the precedent that this publicly-backed coup has set seems threatening to the US-planned …

Daily News Egypt

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