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In Video: Andromeda mega express orchestra shines at CJF

Hundreds of jazz music fans gathered to attend three nights of high-noted performances by a mixture of Arab and foreign jazz singers for the 8th edition of the Cairo Jazz Festival. In the heart of Cairo’s grEEK campus, the festival created an atmosphere full of energy that was given life with bright music, providing a …

Daily News Egypt

Let’s talk about sax, baby

By Chitra Kalyani It’s the perfect weather for hommos el-sham along the Nile. The Egyptian delicacy keeps you warm while music issuing from the Sawy Culture Wheel warms the heart. They say music knows no boundaries and, we add, jazz knows even fewer. Entire heritages and legacies of notes coalesced and musicians and audience too intermingled …


Music that survives: Cairo Jazz Fest in year four

By Chitra Kalyani Alive is how you feel at the Cairo Jazz Fest, with the music ringing loud and clear across the Nile that flows alongside Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek. Yet, the foreword on the festival brochure begins on a more somber note. Quoting German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous adage – “That which doesn’t kill …


Cairo Jazz Festival suggests, ‘Egypt is Fine’

By Maha ElNabawi The annual Cairo Jazz Festival is upon us, and its organizer Amro Salah promises that jazz will pervade the city for three consecutive days with a series of live concerts, educational workshops and jam sessions. Marking its fourth annual year, the international Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) will kick-off on Thursday, March 15, and …


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