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Cairokee to star in musical film chronicling their journey 

Egypt’s most famous rock band Cairokee is going to star in a new musical film. The film features the band and the success it has achieved since it saw the light for the first time in 2003. “The producers” is the company funding the film, whose date of release has yet to be announced. For …

Daily News Egypt

That’s not your mother, it’s a MAN, baby!

(Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, in case you’re wondering about the title.) In our patriarchal, unfortunately chauvinistic, society, many of the words or phrases used to denote positive qualities have a distinctly male flavour: gada’ or dakkar, for example. The brilliant Cairokee, right at the end of their song Matloob Za’eem (Wanted: A leader), …

Daily News Egypt

CairoKee’s latest album

CairoKee has carved out a niche for their music in the saturated Egyptian music scene with their distinct and original style. However, many of the tracks on this album seem to follow this sound too closely.

Rana Muhammad Taha

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