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Egypt’s clash of freedoms

What is happening in Egypt cannot be reduced to a simple conflict between Islamists, secularists and the military. It is a fundamental clash over conflicting concepts of “freedom”. The millions of anti-Morsi protesters who flooded the streets across the country were out to oppose what they saw as a dictator-in-the-making who was robbing them of …

Khaled Diab

Op-ed review: State militarisation and revolution mistakes

Fahmy Howeidy Between militarisation and civil war Al-Shorouk newspaper Columnist Fahmy Howeidy writes on the events that took place on the morning of Monday 8 July. He begins by saying that he considered the two main challenges of Mohamed Morsi’s ousted government were the stabilisation of security and reviving the economy. “However, after the coup …

Thoraia Abou Bakr


In Pictures: Manial holds funeral for victims of clashes

By Charlie Miller and Haleem El-Shaarani On Saturday, funerals for the victims of Manial clashes took place in Salah El-Din mosque in Manial, Cairo. Five Manial residents were shot dead on Friday after ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters fired live ammunition and bird shots at them, claimed residents. Manial residents claimed they were trying to …

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