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Google routed $23bn in 2017 to tax haven Bermuda, documents reveal

Strategy of double Irish with Dutch Sandwich is international tax evasion involving channelling profits first through Irish company, then Dutch company, then to Irish subsidiary in a location – like Bermuda —with lower or no income taxes Tech giant Google shifted $22.7bn through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, in a move that …

Daily News Egypt

Google launches offline neural machine translations  

Two years ago, Google introduced neural machine translation (NMT) to Google Translate, significantly improving accuracy in translations. Today, Google is putting that technology in the Google Translate apps on Android and iOS so that users can get those high-quality translations while their phones or desktops are offline. Google is not just enabling these translations to …

Daily News Egypt

Google doodle celebrates Radwa Ashour’s 72nd birthday

Google celebrated the 72nd birthday of the late prominent author Radwa Ashour through a doodle on the search giant’s homepage. Featuring a cartoon of Ashour tightly clutching her book to her chest, with scenes from her novels behind her, Google commemorated the distinguished novelist’s birthday. Ashour was born on 26 May 1946. She is the …

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World’s 5 most valuable tech brands 

Telecommunications and information technology (IT) companies managed to take the top nine spots of the world’s 10 most valuable brands in 2018, according to Brand Finance, an independent business valuation consultancy. According to the Brand Finance report, Amazon topped the list of the highest value brands in the world after its valuation at $150.8bn, up …

Mohamed Alaa El-Din

Google enables exploring the ISS on maps street view

Google has recently added the International Space Station (ISS) to the list of sites available for Street View on Google Maps, allowing users to explore the station and learn about planet Earth from outer space. In a press release, Google said that it was 48 years ago when the first spacecraft landed on the moon, …

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