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Religiously motivated violence is not religious

By Inayah Rohmaniyah YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia: This Sunday, a suicide bomber attacked a church in Solo, Indonesia, killing at least one congregant and injuring many others. Indonesia, a secular nation, has had a long history of religious tolerance when it comes to minorities. But since the 2002 attacks in Bali, which were religiously motivated, questioning the relationship …


Women and religious radicalism in Indonesia

By Inayah Rohmaniyah YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia: Perhaps surprisingly, women’s issues have become a top priority on the major political and theological agendas of the Indonesian Mujahideen Council (MMI). MMI is a radical Muslim umbrella group alleged to have links to Al Qaeda and Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant organization in Southeast Asia which has initiated a series of …


The power of education to transform stereotypes of the West

By Inayah Rohmaniyah YOGYAKARTA: Extremism in Indonesia appears to be on the rise amid recent news of attacks against police headquarters in West Java and North Sumatra. Some members of the groups responsible for these attacks and a recent bank robbery are linked to Indonesia’s Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant religious group whose name is Arabic for …


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