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Fact-finding mission begins investigating Marinab incidents

By Essam Fadl CAIRO: A fact-finding mission arrived in Aswan on Wednesday to launch an investigation into the incidents surrounding the Marinab Church, which started late last month. A subsequent protest in Cairo demanding Coptic rights was met with violence by Egypt’s army forces, leaving 25 dead and more than 300 injured on Sunday. Minister of …


Rights group blames authorities for Marinab church attack

By Tony Gamal Gabriel CAIRO: The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) condemned the attack on a church in Marinab late last month, blaming the authorities for not dealing with the sectarian tension in the village in a report issued last week. Entitled “The Marinab events are a stark example of the state’s penchant towards extremism,” …


Shenouda presents Marinab church licenses to SCAF

CAIRO: Pope Shenouda presented Thursday all relevant documents and licenses for renovating a church partially burnt down in Marinab last week to the ruling military council and the Cabinet. Coptic sources told Daily News Egypt that Shenouda’s Secretary Bishop Youa’nis met with Bishop Makarios of the Marinab church and the church’s lawyer in Aswan Osama …


Questions loom over Aswan church attack

CAIRO: The attack on a church in the southern city of Marinab, a few kilometers from Edfu, last week, remains shrouded in mystery as around 4000 protesters continue their sit-in in front of the governorate’s headquarters in Aswan. While Aswan’s governor claimed that the attacked building is a service center, protesters maintain that it is …


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