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Egypt police kill migrants trying to sneak into Israel

CAIRO: Egyptian border police shot dead two African migrants and wounded a third as they tried to cross illegally into Israel early Saturday, security officials said. Border police spotted the man and woman, whose nationality remains unknown, as they tried to climb over barbed wire along the frontier and fired on them after they refused …


Israel OKs harsh penalties for illegal migrants

JERUSALEM: Israel’s parliament on Tuesday approved harsh new penalties on illegal migrants and Israelis who help them, passing one of several controversial measures designed to stanch the flood of Africans seeking sanctuary from poverty and conflict. The bill makes it possible to imprison illegal migrants for life over property crimes and detain them for up …


Israel OKs funding to block African migrants

JERUSALEM: The Israeli Cabinet voted unanimously Sunday to finance a $160 million program to stanch the flow of illegal African migrants by stepping up construction of a border fence and expanding a detention center to hold thousands of new arrivals. Some 50,000 Africans, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, have illegally entered southern Israel since 2006 …


11 NGOs urge gov’t to rescue African migrants held hostage

CAIRO: Government bodies must act immediately to rescue hundreds of African migrants being held hostage, and abused by people traffickers in Sinai, 11 Egyptian NGOs said Tuesday. Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported on Dec. 9 that six Eritrean nationals were shot or beaten to death by traffickers. One hundred and fifty Eritreans are being held …


Israel to close door on African influx

EILAT: Vika Duvinsky and her family are among the last Israelis living in a grim slum that locals call ‘Sing Sing’ after the notorious American prison. The rest are African migrants or asylum-seekers. What began in 2006 as a trickle of refugees sneaking over the border has turned into a deluge, transforming the face of …


34 African migrants arrested in Sinai

By Maggie Michael /AP CAIRO: An Egyptian police official says 34 African migrants have been arrested in separate incidents in the Sinai peninsula heading to the border with Israel to try and cross it illegally. The official says eight Eritreans and nine Ethiopians were caught on pickup trucks belonging to Bedouin traffickers early on Friday near …


Israel deports 150 Sudanese migrants

JERUSALEM: Israel has flown home 150 illegal Sudanese migrants in a secret operation that was the largest such deportation from the Jewish state, an Israeli official confirmed Tuesday. The group, which left late Monday, was the biggest to leave since Israel began quietly deporting hundreds of African migrants a few years ago. The deportations are …


Israel to vote on center to detain Africans

JERUSALEM: Israel’s Cabinet, hoping to stanch the illegal flow of Africans through the country’s porous southern border with Egypt, is scheduled to vote Sunday on a proposal to build a massive detention center to hold the migrants. Some of the Africans seek political asylum, but officials say most come looking for work and have become …


Sharp jump in Africans sneaking into Israel

JERUSALEM: Rising numbers of African economic migrants and asylum seekers have been slipping into Israel this year from Egypt, an Israeli Interior Ministry official said Monday. They appear to be racing to cross the border before Israel builds a fence there, an activist said. Israel has become a popular refuge for migrants because of its …


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