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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood expels five members, says paper

By Reuters CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood group expelled five of its members for setting up a political party in defiance of the group’s own Freedom and Justice party, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. The Brotherhood’s Guidance Council decided to bar the five members of the movement’s youth wing after they established the Egyptian Current party, …


Youth from Egypt’s Brotherhood form separate party

By Sarah El Deeb / AP CAIRO: Several young members from the Muslim Brotherhood have launched their own political party, exposing cracks in the influential Islamist organization that is expected to be the most formidable contender in Egypt’s upcoming elections. Banned from politics for half a century, the Brotherhood nonetheless maintained an effective organization based on …


Brotherhood sacks member for plans to contest presidency

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group has sacked senior member Abdel-Moniem Aboul-Fotouh for violating the group’s decision not to contest the next presidential polls slated for later this year, deputy head of the MB Rashad Bayoumy said on Sunday. The Brotherhood has also announced that it will not support his candidacy since he …


Brotherhood denies questioning Sobhi Saleh

By Marwa Al-A’asar CAIRO: Deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Rashad Bayoumy denied Sunday press reports about the group conducting an investigation into recent controversial statements made by senior member Sobhi Saleh. “The group never questioned Saleh over his statements,” Bayoumy told Daily News Egypt. Saleh, a lawyer and former Member of Parliament, said at …


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