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Untie the knot

By Sarah Tonsy So globalization turned out to be a jinx after all. Why is it that the West is not dropping it? Just untie the knot and become their own masters again rather than being pushovers of corporations that are only after higher profits. The US has been collapsing in a vicious cycle of recession …


Lessons learned and lived

By Sarah Tonsy Upon attending a symposium on “The Non-violent Revolution in Egypt: Learned Lessons,” that took place on June 6-7, 2011 at Cairo University, I learned and realized many things about Egypt’s current situation. Years of trial and error are still to come before the government becomes representative of the people. Presidents will be elected …


Mubarak prophecies about the Muslim Brotherhood

By Sarah Tonsy Despite being on the political platform since 1929, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) managed to fulfill every prophecy of the Mubarak regime regarding Islamic movements in Egypt. First, the fact that there is no difference between moderate and extremist Islamic movements in Egypt, which was also pointed to in John Esposito’s book, “Political Islam.” …


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