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A shift in Pakistan’s political playing field

By Syed Mohammad Ali LAHORE, Pakistan: While media attention is riveted on potential implications of the recent NATO strike, which claimed the lives of 24 Pakistani soldiers, there are significant political developments in the country which also merit attention. After decades of military rule and ineffective governance by Pakistan’s two main political parties — the Pakistan …


Pakistan’s cultural heritage not for sale

By Syed Mohammad Ali LAHORE: At the behest of UNESCO, the world-famous fine arts auction house Christie’s has halted a planned auction this month of a fasting Buddha, a nearly 2,000-year-old statue from the Gandhara civilization, which was believed to have been stolen from Pakistan and sold to a private collector in Germany in the 1980s. …


Growing concerns about water sharing in South Asia

By Syed Mohammad Ali LAHORE, Pakistan: While extremism or political instability normally make headlines when it comes to South Asia, the issue of water sharing deserves more attention. Water sharing between countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and India has become a source of growing concern with implications not only for domestic stability, but for regional stability as …


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